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Hiring people is one of the most difficult and critical functions of business management. Few organizations are of the size that this activity can be delegated to professionals. Absent that asset hiring is too often done in a less than diligent manner, rather a distraction to a mainstream function. Certain wise employment practices that can be both time consuming and relatively expensive may be short circuited or neglected. The results of a new hire are therefore often the luck of the draw or timing related. The lifeblood of any enterprise, its people, often are not vetted for the proper fit until months after hiring at a significant investment and a loss of time. Veterans seeking employment have a well documented training history in their individual skill sets. Taxpaying employers have paid for this top notch training, an investment awaiting an effective second return with a second career.

Job skills or qualifications that are measurable, standardized or licensed are more predictable provided they are verified or tested. It is the level of soft skills possessed by a candidate that are difficult to evaluate before hiring. Soft skills such as: WORK ETHIC, TEAM PLAYER, MISSION FOCUSED, ACCOUNTABILITY, HEALTHY LIFE STYLE, SAFETY AND DIVERSITY AWARENESS are easy for the talk but not proven until the walk. Veterans have substantial soft skills training and SHOW UP FOR WORK EVERY DAY! Suffice it to say, veterans have proven soft skills, granted, some more than others, but far more than most candidates seeking employment.
With veterans there are fewer unanswered questions, well documented training records and the ultimate dedicated volunteer service to our country… so, why not seriously consider hiring a veteran?


The General Services Administration has partnered with the VA Acquisition Academy Acquisition Internship School’s Warriors to Workforce Program (W2W). The W2W is designed to prepare wounded Veterans for a successful transition into a career as a Contract Specialist (GS-1102). This program provides wounded Veteran interns with the training and education necessary to obtain a Federal Acquisition Certification in Contracting (FAC-C) Levels I and II (www.fai.gov). The program prepares interns to become trusted business partners capable of exercising sound business judgment to achieve exceptional results that best serve Veterans. GSA will hire 2-3 Veterans for the first cohort which begins in February 2014.

Upon successful completion of the first year, interns will be converted to contract specialist interns GS-1102-7. During program year two, interns will complete training which includes formal Contracting courses as required by the Federal Acquisition Institute, formal leadership courses, and hands on skill-building/learning laboratory activities. Interns will also gain real world on-the-job experience through challenging job rotations hosted by acquisition offices throughout the country (travel and per diem paid by the Academy).

The ideal candidate is a Veteran who has little of no Post High School education and who is eligible for a VRA appointment. Interested Veterans should email their resumes, DD214 and disability documentation to hiringvets@gsa.gov. Please include W2W program in the Subject line.